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About Leandro Bistolfi Photography

Born in Buenos Aires Argentina, in 1979 moved to Holland, speak Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

My interest on photography started very Jung and when I got my first camera started immediately experimenting with abstract B&W negatives with very hard light contrast. My interest in people motivated me to choose photography as a communication media. After taking a couple of photography curses in England and The Nederland .

In 1981 working as lithograph at “Neroc” a major company in Graphic industry in Amsterdam this work inspired to experiment with colored layers and toners on B&W prints.

Later with dispositive sorry telling series and work as freelance photographer taking pictures for companies making reportage's, portraits, and exposing my free work.

 Having success exposing my work “ Story telling dispositive series” at nightclubs Amsterdam got me in to the next logic step " filming" on 8mm and later 16mm films which made more in the moving pictures.

 In 1988 after the two years study “TV making” from MMO in Amsterdam specialize in camera, started working in the media business as a self directing cameraman and have since a large experience working for numerous tv production company's specializing in photo reportage's.

 The transformation from film to the digital imagining came first in the video industry and later in the photography business where the quality did not satisfy me till 2004 then I went and bought the first digital camera and started working with up to the moment

In 2007 was asked to make pictures on de filming set later for magazines and different projects start then combining photography and filming.

 In the present as photographer work under assignment taking pictures for different purposes such as magazines, books, corporate, advertising, reportage's stock photography and free work.


My motto is

“ Open to the moment to be aspired by all censes and enjoy working”

I work with the Canon 5d mark lll which is a fine machine not only for taking pictures but also use for making, corporate films, commercials, documentaries, music clips, for numerous companies and clients